Change of Pace

With a whirlwind trip up to north Florida (Tallahassee and Pensacola) over the weekend and no school yesterday for Labor Day (woo hoo!), I had some time to get caught up on reading for the week so I’m finally feeling like I am prepared for the week of work and classes!  While my Monday was not so productive this week, it was nice to have a little time to spend with my husband and our four-legged child, Penny, getting stuff done around the house and watching the NOLES win!!

Completely lazy and spoiled.

Completely lazy and spoiled.

I also received some sad news today about a friend from the area who went missing yesterday on a fishing/diving trip and was found today by a search team of the coast guard and some of his friends who aided in the search.  Ryan Meyers was quite a character and made everyone smile.  His sister Taylor and the rest of the Meyers family are in my thoughts and prayers during this impossible time.  <3

My opportunity for a change of pace and loss of a friend have definitely helped me to put things into perspective as I work through my crazy-long list of responsibilities for the day.  I’m reminded to take time to enjoy relaxing and am looking forward to spending time with some of my family to celebrate birthdays this weekend and also visit my favorite speechies to celebrate baby CB!!!

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